En Psychro (translation: In Cold Blood) come from the small island of Cyprus.

Formed in July 2011 in Nicosia, by four friends who shared the same love and passion for the Greek Hardcore scene, En Psychro set out to disrupt the tranquillity of the Cyprus scene. Loyal to their Greek scene roots, they began as a D-beat band and since its members come from different backrounds of extreme music. Their influences cover a wide spectrum of hardcore sound, ranging from Crust and Hardcore to Punk and Crossover and Thrash, creating an explosive mixture which represents their rage against the effect the system has on people and nature.

The band follow, in its own way the DIY mentality and is against any form of exploitation of music by commercial means (sponsorships, advertising, contracts and profiteer collaborations) and only participate in like minded events.

En Psychro’s first live appearance came a month after the band was formed at a local DIY festival. In November of 2011, the band records their first self-titled EP which contains six songs, followed by six months of continuous live performances. Later in the summer of 2012, the band participated in DIY festivals in Greece, where they were greeted by the fans with excitement and have since established a strong fan base in Greece.

At the moment the band is recording their LP entitled ‘Faceless Mass’ which will be released in early 2013 and which will contain re-recorded songs from the EP plus eight more songs, two of which will be in English.


George Karakasian :vocals/guitar ( see .Aposynthesis, Within the Walls, Downward Spiral).

Mario Punkunin : bass (see Within The Walls)

Stephanos Miliatos : guitar/2nd vocals

Achilles Vasdecis : drums/2nd vocals (see Terminal Disease, Solitary Sabred)