May 6, 2013

En Psychro Statement Regarding the Cancellation of our Appearance at OEF 2013

En Psychro are in the unfortunate position to inform you that we are forced to cancel our appearance at this year’s OEF due to unforeseen financial difficulties which have rendered our tour to Czech Republic financially unbearable and as a result our plans for this year have been postponed.
The current situation in Cyprus is a well known fact throughout Europe.  In one night, the financial institutions of the European Union put Cyprus’ back against the wall, forcing Cyprus to an immediate application of new financial measures which in short, excluded bank transactions, increased the number of people made redundant and cut the current salaries down to a third. The people of Cyprus are on a downfall without any certainties as to where these measures will lead or what our future might be and are constantly demonstrating on the streets out of despair rather than rage. However, this revealed the level of corruption of the financially powerful, who have always lived on the expense of the rest of us. Now is the time where our lyrics are mostly understood by everyone yet remain timeless.
All this has affected us all, as individuals and eventually as a band, watching our dream of playing at OEF collapsing as we understood how difficult it is to raise the money to cover our travel and living expenses; however, despite all the difficulties we are working hard to release our first LP by this summer.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to participate at this world renowned festival and share a stage with some very amazing bands of extreme music. Our pleasure was indescribable and so is our sadness right now..
We apologize for not notifying you sooner but all this happened within a day and are still happening on this day. We hope you consider us for next years OEF.
We hope you find another band to participate. We know how happy they will be.
With respect to the organizers, participants and fans
En Psychro (Cyprus)