Dec 24, 2012

Review - World's Appreciated Kitsch

demo EP 2012

Εν Ψυχρώ (translated in english as In Cold Blood) is a new DIY hardcore / punk band based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and feat. individuals that are very active in their local scene, either by organizing gigs and running distros or being involved in politics. At least a couple of members of Εν Ψυχρώ were playing in Εντός Των Τειχών (Inside The Walls), that had released a great record back in 2008.
Their first demo is in CDR format, with a nice booklet including lyrics & translations, plus a short bio of the band concerning their political / DIY stance, and features 6 songs strongly influenced by the mid / late 90s greek hardcore scene and bands like Ναυτία (Nausea; the greek one) and Πανικός (Panic). 
There's also a huge metallic touch that brings in my mind Sepultura, while some riffs could easily have been used by thrash / death metal bands.
Lyric wise, they focus strictly on social / political issues, like the Cyprian diplomatic problem, nuclear war, religion and an explosion that happened in a military base in Cyprus last year. 
All in all, it's a nice demo, that all the fans of greek 90s hardcore will definitely love. 
The scene in Cyprus is still in an 'embryonic stage', but the  lately a lot of actions are taking place, with Εν Ψυχρώ being one of the most active bands nowadays. Let's support 'em.